The success of any project involving steel-intensive construction is dictated by the efficiency in erection of the structural steelwork. With a proven track record in regards to safety, our experienced specialists and the latest erection equipment define our technical capabilities and resources for the efficient, just-in-time construction of steel structures and cladding.

With an erection team of 300 qualified engineers and installers for steel and cladding, we have the expertise to ensure high quality, improved precision and enhanced speed of construction at site, under any conditions.

We incorporate all our history and experience into the seamless management of our projects and are able to certify a precise control of the site, while making safety and efficiency our priorities, through our Environment, Health and Safety Plan. Our erection management system includes risk assessments, detailed erection procedures and method plans, lifting plans, site safety manuals, safety audits and other documented instruments which focus on providing safety guidelines during the construction, with exclusive control on accidents and cost overrun, while meeting the project delivery in time.

Moreover, our clients can rely on our outstanding experience in managing subcontractors. Our complete knowledge base includes erection expertise for a wide range of services, such as civil works, door installations, fire proofing or crane systems.