At Tiger Steel Engineering, we endeavour to ensure our employees’ skills and our production systems and equipment are constantly aligned to international standards.

Our production efforts are driven by our prerogatives to reach Total Quality. To ensure the strict achievement of our customers’ requirements and schedules throughout the entire value chain, we operate in a seamless and systematic manner from the stage of planning to delivery.

Our actions towards ensuring the latest fabrication machinery and equipment, combined with state-of-the art production systems and software, have direct results on our deliverables: a yearly production capacity of 48,000 to 60,000 tons of structural steel and enhanced products, with the schedule compression of the fabrication process.

Our employees benefit from our continuing personnel development schemes, which include job rotation plans, apprentice and training programmes. These guarantee our customers with a current production workforce of more than 1,200 experienced fitters, welders, and supervisors, as well as a talented team of engineers that add value at every stage of the project.

Towards achieving Total Quality, the optimum Value Chain Management is ensured by a tailor made system. The ‘Piece Monitoring System’ controls each individual piece of steel through production, from material stock to each stage until delivery. The system automatically reviews the program, type and the fabrication and production capacities to produce an individual fabrication program for each item of steel, while an extended manual modification control is maintained in order to incorporate client requirements.

Furthermore, the effective integration and management of all production processes is assured by the latest Software, StruMIS, an encompassing steel fabrication management system that harnesses the information flow and work processes between departments, suppliers and clients, from estimate tendering, through procurement and production and into construction.

As a project-driven organization, optimum productivity and time management are essential for the project’s successful delivery. At Tiger Steel Engineering, the seamless planning and cost control of the production processes are coordinated by using high-end tools such as Oracle’s Primavera Software, as well as in house developed spreadsheets and reports.

To ensure the products that exit our facilities are internationally competitive and counter the high demands of our international customers, our production systems and processes are designed and implemented by applying ISO 9001certified procedures and in full compliance with practice codes developed by international industry authorities, such as the American Welding Society.