Our Team

At Tiger Steel Engineering, the prime focus in terms of Human Capital practices is on employee development and welfare, as we consider our employees the most valuable asset of the company.

To ensure a collaborative work environment, we extend our organizational culture beyond work, while participating together to a range of events and activities, such as the annual cricket tournament.

The high level of specialization and complexity of work performed at Tiger Steel Engineering is sustained by a cross-functional organization structure, which ensures optimal communication streams at all levels and greater organizational flexibility.

Category Number of Employees
Management and Staff 250
Production Workforce 1200
Erection Workforce 300
Administration and Support Processes 50

Our skilled workforce combined with a high level of automation and standardized production processes allow us to deliver high levels of productivity:

  1. Monthly Structural Steel Production at Sharjah Plant: 3,500 tones,
  2. Monthly Structural Steel Production at Abu Dhabi Plant: 2,000 tones.