We manage to stay ahead of our industry by offering flexible, tailor-made solutions and simultaneously managing projects that range from light to heavy steel structures with diverse applications. At Tiger Steel Engineering, we attain this through seamless logistics and specialized coordination of production, at our plants in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Our actions towards ensuring the latest fabrication machinery and equipment, combined with state-of-the art production systems and software, have direct results on our deliverables: a yearly production capacity of 48,000 to 60,000 tons of structural steel and enhanced products, with the schedule compression of the fabrication process.

Our facilities are organized to generate enhanced logistics and production processes, as our plant in Sharjah is equipped with fully-automated cutting and drilling lines for the light to medium structures, while our factory in Abu Dhabi is focused on heavy structure production, comprising open yard and heavy fabrication areas of 44,680 m2 and a covered painting area of over 14,400 m 2.

Our Head Office and Plant in Sharjah is equipped with the fully-automated cutting and drilling lines required to ensure high levels of productivity, specializing on light fabrication. Sharjah is also the operational office of our engineering, erection and sales teams.

  1. Fabrication area: 35,000 m2
  2. Monthly Production capacity: 3,500 t

To ensure optimum logistics for the production of super-seized steel structures, we have expanded our facilities to 280,000 m2 land area in Abu Dhabi, which includes open yard and heavy fabrication areas, covered and open yard paint shops and storage areas.

  1. Plant Total Area: 280,000 m2
  2. Open Yard Fabrication Area: 34,680 m2
  3. Painting Area: 14,400 m2
  4. Heavy Fabrication Area: 10,000 m2
  5. Plates Storage Area: 10,400 m2
  6. Profiles Storage Area: 27,300 m2
  7. Finished Goods Storage Area: 18,000 m2
  8. Monthly Production Capacity: 2,000 t